In 2008 on the shores of Lake Taupo, Revive and Restore was founded in an effort to raise the professional standard of natural muscle balm. Aromatherapist extraordinaire Peter Gosney set out to create a product for his long time friend and massage therapist Paulette Donaldson. In her 25 years of experience, the results of this balm were way beyond anything that she had ever used before. Paulette knew that she had to start selling this stuff, and soon opened up “Revive and Restore” out of New Zealand.


The results were undeniable. nicknamed “The Miracle Muscle Balm” by clients and therapists alike, Revive and Restore was making its mark. In 2015, Paulette’s sons Alex and Thomas, with Catherine (Thomas’s partner) decided to join forces and expand the company throughout New Zealand. After a short time, people started taking notice.


Alex has recently moved to Canada. He and Natalie (his Canadian partner) have set out to give more people the opportunity to try Revive and Restore. The therapeutic qualities of this muscle balm have been widely recognized by many who have had the chance to try it. Together they are working tirelessly to get Revive and Restore into the hands (and onto the skin) of anybody that will benefit.


Our mission: To naturally help you heal so that you can move with comfort and ease.